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60 minutes

Signature Facial

Treat your skin concerns with a customized facial, as unique as you are. Whether your concerns revolve around acne, anti-aging, dry skin, or even hyperpigmentation, our Signature Facial treatment is designed to soothe, reinvigorate, & protect your skin.

How It Works

Our customized Signature Facial is an all-encompassing, eight-step facial spa treatment. The Signature Facial starts with a thorough cleanse and steam. Your skin is then exfoliated to remove dead, dull skin cells. If necessary, an esthetician will perform an extraction to clear clogged pores. A luxurious mask suited to your skin needs is then applied, and followed up with a high frequency treatment to increase oxygen to the skin and stimulate collagen. A light facial massage and medical-grade skincare application ensure your customized facial treatment is elevated to the next level, leaving your skin rejuvenated, radiant, and nourished.

What It Treats

The Signature Facial is designed with you in mind. You’ll work with your aesthetics expert to develop a facial that treats your areas of concern and leaves you feeling relaxed and glowy. Some common skin imperfections that this facial treats includes: dry, oily, dull, or sensitive skin, large pores, acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads, uneven skin, and more. 


Signature Facial treatment benefits include:

-Personalized focus on your skin needs 

-Improved skin health

-Enhanced skin tone and texture

-Radiant complexion

-Anti-aging effects

Signature Facial

This luxurious & bespoke facial service is designed exclusively for you based on your skin concerns & goals. If you want individualized care, this is the best facial treatment for you. Contact your local VIO Med Spa location to schedule a consultation.

All skin types

Skin Type

All skin types. 


Treatable Concerns

Acne, Aging, Pigmentation

Face treatable area

Treatable Areas


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