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45 minutes


A natural-looking filler that boosts collagen and elastin production long term.

How It Works

The first and only FDA-approved CaHA (calcium hydroxylapatite) treatment, Radiesse® provides immediate results and long-term improvement to areas around the lower face, jawline and hands. 

What It Treats

Radiesse® can replace the lost volume and combat the signs of aging while creating youthful and natural-looking results.


CaHA particles integrate with your skin to create a “scaffold” that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for long-term results. 


Stimulate your body’s collagen production and fill wrinkles in the lower face, jawline and hands for long term results.

Combination skin type
Oily skin type
Sensitive skin type
Uneven skin type

Skin Type

All skin types

Fine lines and wrinkles

Treatable Concerns

Volume loss in the Midface, Temples, Cheeks, Jawline

Face treatable area

Treatable Areas

Midface, Temples, Cheeks, Jawline

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