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Lifting and Smooth Threads

Do you want to defy the aging process or improve the shape of your smile with the natural healing power of your own body? Lifting and Smooth threads are a non-surgical, minimally invasive way to improve the look of your skin and lips. By inserting a synthetic absorbable thread made of polydioxanone (PDO) under the skin, we can lift and tighten your skin, producing immediate results. As the body absorbs the threads over time, your body not only heals, but at the same time it produces more collagen in the lifted or smoothed areas, tightening the skin from the inside. Lifting threads can provide a more instant lift impact to the face, while smoothing threads can improve your skin’s appearance more gradually.


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Lifting and Smooth Threads Post Procedure Care

Lifting and Smooth Threads Post-Procedure Care

  • Redness, swelling, bruising and bleeding may occur at the site where the thread was inserted.
  • Bleeding should resolve itself within minutes after the treatment.
  • Redness, swelling and bruising may occur and last for 1-3 days post treatment.
  • A stinging sensation in the treated area may be noticeable. This generally resolves itself within a within four to five weeks post procedure.
  • Skin tightening may be noticeable for a few weeks post treatment.
  • A tugging or pulling sensation may be noticeable where the thread was inserted under the skin. This generally resolves itself within a few weeks post procedure.
  • Gently wash the treated area, but refrain from stretching, touching or rubbing the area where threads have been inserted for three to four weeks post treatment.
  • To prevent post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, avoid sunlight and apply SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to avoid Call the spa if you experience excessive redness, swelling, pain or drainage around the treatment area.
  • A series of treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.
  • Inflammation is a necessary part of the process in order to initiate new collagen formation. Therefore, Ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatory medications will suppress this process. Tylenol is recommended for pain suppressant.
  • Avoid exercise for at least seven days post procedure.
  • Avoid alcohol and anti-coagulant medications such as aspirin, unless prescribed, for seven days post procedure.
  • Avoid blood thinning vitamins, such as vitamin C, A, and E, unless prescribed, for seven days post procedure.
  • Avoid temperature extremes, such as ice baths and saunas, for ten days post procedure.
  • Avoid Radio Frequency or any heat producing devices, such as laser treatments of the treated areas for at least ten weeks or seventy-five days post procedure.
  • If antibiotics have been prescribed, guest must finish the prescribed course as a part of the treatment protocol
  • The inserted threads will dissolve over 4-6 months.
  • Possible Side Effects Include: swelling, bruising, redness, infection foreign body rejection and granuloma, needle hematoma, pain, protrusion, migration, facial nerve trauma, asymmetry.
  • Extremely rare, temporary facial nerve fall out may occur due to local anesthetic, swelling, hematoma or pressure of the cannula or thread on the nerve. Your practitioner MUST be informed immediately if facial nerve fall-out is experienced and if your practitioner can’t be reached then seek medical emergency assistance.