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A spa facial is a luxurious and inviting way to take care of your skin. At VIO Med Spa, we offer a Signature Facial that is focused on customizing your facial to your skin concerns and goals. Give yourself the gift of smoother, brighter, younger looking skin. Let the experts at VIO Med Spa create a customized facial for you!

What is the Signature Facial?

VIO’s Signature Facial is similar to most spa facials in the way the treatment is provided. What makes the VIO Signature Facial different is how the VIO team is dedicated to customizing the experience uniquely to you. There is no “one-size-fits-all” facial at VIO. Your appointment will begin with a consultation to identify your goals and discuss your skin concerns. Then, your aesthetician will develop a customized facial just for you. 

The treatment begins by cleansing the skin, then exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Followed by steaming to open the pores and extractions to treat any additional blemishes from the skin. Your aesthetician will then choose to customize your facial with either a no downtime peel and or a medical grade masque (mask) to enhance treatment of any identified skin concerns such as acne, aging, brightening, or dryness. The mask is followed by a LED light therapy and medical grade skincare, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed! 

How is a Signature Facial Customized?

Your Signature Facial will be customized based on your skin concerns and goals. A few customization options include:

Facial for Acne

Customizing the facial for acne includes the aesthetician selecting specific products designed for the reduction of active acne and improved cellular health. These products typically have ingredients like salicylic acid to control oil production. Your complimentary consultation will include questions to help identify the root cause for your acne and a customized comprehensive treatment plan for acne improvement. In addition to the customizations, monthly facials are a great way to treat acne because they cleanse the skin, remove excess dirt and oil and reveal a fresh layer of skin. This gets rid of the clogged pores that are often the root cause of acne. VIO Renew Members get a monthly facial included with their membership! Check out our med spa memberships to learn more.

Anti-Aging Facial

If you’re seeking an anti-aging treatment, our Signature Facial can be modified to use anti-aging products. These products contain ingredients such as: glycolic acid and retinols to increase cellular turnover to awaken sluggish aging skin on a cellular level.  Also other products that amplify the skin’s moisture and are infused with hyaluronic acid to restore hydration to skin temporarily decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. 


Looking to refresh dull, tired skin? Your facial can be customized with brightening topicals like Vitamin C and other antioxidants to prevent and protect further skin damage. The continued use of these products at home will create the most enhanced results. Your aesthetician will discuss other services such as Chemical peels and IPL laser you can pair with regular facials to clear pigmentation for an even complexion.  


All facials need a dermaplane and once you have one you won’t regret it.  Dermaplaning can be added to any facial treatment to smooth the skin’s top layer by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. All your home care products become more effective as it promotes deeper product penetration and leaves you with longer lasting results.

Customized Skincare Recommendations

At the end of your facial appointment, your aesthetician will review the products used during your treatment and provide customized skin care recommendations to help you enhance and maintain your results. Protect the investment you’ve made in yourself by using medical-grade skincare at home! After all, your skincare spends more time on your skin than your facial and 80% of your results come from home care. 

Not only will your skin feel renewed after your Signature Facial, you’ll be ready to schedule your next one. It is recommended to get a facial every month to keep the skin fresh and radiant due to the skin cycle where new cells are regenerated every 4-6 weeks. 

Invest in yourself, your health and your skin with the gift of VIO Membership. Becoming a VIO Renew Member includes a monthly facial with your membership fee! Plus, you’ll get exclusive offers and discounts off skincare and other treatments! VIO offers two membership options. Check out our med spa membership programs at your next appointment!

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